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Here are a few things about me


My name is Alexander Anaya. I'm currently working as a project manager and estimator within the commercial and residential construction industry.

In the construction industry I have over 10 years of experience. Both working in the field and within the management side of the business. This experience covers a wide range of segments. 

These include:

*Commercial and residential roofing field experience 

*Commercial and residential roofing supervisory experience

*Commercial and residential roofing estimating and project management experience

*Commercial and residential general construction field experience

*Commercial and residential general construction supervisory experience

*Commercial and residential general construction estimating and project management experience

Construction Manager


When managing projects, I make each and everyone my own. I take personal responsibility and treat these projects as if I was building them for myself. This creates a passion for project success as the success of the project is my own success. Taking ownership in what I do, is who I am.

Before the projects starts and all the way until the end, I believe organization is key #1 and will set the tone for the whole project. That why I focus on this first and foremost, making sure that everything is in order and every piece of the puzzle is accounted for. Through good organizational skills many headaches and roadblocks can be avoided. 

After that, it is all about putting the best people in place to get the job done right the first time. Not only finding and managing the right people but being on the project to make sure everyone is on the same page and has the same goals. Everyone in sync and on time. 

 I also understand after many construction projects the numerous things that can go wrong and so I am able to prepare for them before hand and adapt to the issues as they arise. It’s hard to find a construction project that goes perfectly every step of the way and so it is needed to have someone who has seen these problems and knows the solutions, as well as, someone who doesn’t get flustered with any inconvenience and can solve the problems. And solve them fast! That’s what I can do.

what i Do

With a wealth of experience within the construction industry

there is no problem I can't find a solution for







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What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

This question is one that is very important! That’s because interdisciplinarity is so important to so many aspects of life. Interdisciplinary studies teach you to combine multiple disciplines into one.

In life, this is needed in order to solves so many complex issues that need to draw from multiple skill sets. Not only that, the skills one learns in becoming an interdisciplinary allows them to open their mind to becoming more creative and being able to see from many perspectives. This leads to coming up with new solutions to problems that wouldn’t have been able to be solved without someone who can see from multiple view points and draw from multiple skills sets.

 So, interdisciplinary studies help one to be versed in many subject matters and if they don’t know a discipline, they will have the ability to find the right people who do. They will put a team together that can communicate clearly with one another and combine their knowledge to solve the issue. 

My Awesome Work

Below are just a few of the projects I've been a part of 


Years Of Experience

With over 10+ years of construction experience there is nothing I have not seen. This experience allows me to be prepared for anything that can come up on a job.