Statement of Interdisciplinary Understanding

            My understanding of interdisciplinary studies has changed and I now have a better understanding of what interdisciplinary studies truly means. The importance of interdisciplinarity is in its ability to help us better understand the world around us. Its true value is in its ability to advance research into many of the world’s problems. This step-by-step process helps to create common ground amongst the many disciplines and make better sense of complex problems we are trying to solve and that the disciplines themselves have had trouble solving.

             This new understanding has led me to view the world in new ways. Seeing every complex problem as something new that needs re-examination. This begins with the research process. Interdisciplinary studies gives us the ability to draw on disciplinary insights to form a new understanding of a problem. We learn to identify all the most important and relevant disciplines that relate to the problem we are examining. We can then analyze them and find what ones that truly have value to the problem we are trying to solve. After that, we can find the best literature for the problem and what valuable research we can use from the disciplines. This also helps us gain more understanding of the disciplines we will be using in our research. All of this helps us analyze the problem and find valuable insights into the problem, from multiple disciplines, as the disciplines themselves can rarely explain complex problems on their own.

            From there, we can start to do one of the most important things in interdisciplinary research, and that is to integrate these new insights. To do this, we must find the conflicts that exist amongst the disciplines and also the terminology differences that they may have. Then we can start to find common ground in the research that has been done by the disciplines. Building these bridges from the disciplines is how we can bring them together and start forming a new understanding of the problem we are examining. This integration of these insights will lead us to a new more comprehensive understanding of problems than the disciplines themselves could produce. This integration and finding common ground between the disciplines is a major value to interdisciplinary research, as it brings a broader and farther-reaching understanding of the complex problems that exist in our world.

            In conclusions, once we have used our understanding on interdisciplinarity to properly research complex problems, we can begin to have a better understanding of these problems. From this new understanding we can draw new conclusions and find better solutions than what has been found in the past. This is why using and understanding interdisciplinarity is so important for us to better understand the world around us and solve the most important and complex problems.